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This is basically a small gallery I'm still working on ^^; Since I'm a writer, probably the majority of it will be my story "The Calibre Key", giftie stories I'm working on for others, stories of my character Ace's adventures, Original stories that are for kids and/or adults, and who knows:) I may also submit other stuff, like game reviews I do, art from school.



Spritework 03 - Lucifer Selaz by ArcheKruz

This is most certainly one of the best looking sprites I have ever seen in terms of visual appeal and the exquisite details put into it...

BBB - Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 by EuJoyuen

Considering that I have watched the Squeakuel, I'm the first to say I can understand why they are attached to a rocket and are about to...

Gott by utria
by utria

Oh wow utria, this is really quite a remarkable pic you did, doing artwork with Flash in the kind of style is not that easy to do for t...

by Arekins

I have to say; this is some pretty good work you did Arekins :). The colouring for the kitty cat is lovely is really well done, it is do...

Behemoths Attack by CJShadorunner

I have to say Chris; as I have helped you developed Aeris and the Behemoth's, this pic really shows the brute force and sheer size of t...

Well since you have asked me to critique this Marie, I'll gladly do so. Anyways, I'm very much quite pleased with the colouring techniq...

Yes; I do critiques to :B


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Stamps that basically tells about me


Oh for fucks sake people; I can go on a great rant, but people like Being Classically Liberal, David Bier and The Skeptical Libertarian have already pointed the major flaws on blaming the refugees.

"After the attacks on Paris, many politicians—including (so far) the governors of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, and Texas—have called for stopping refugee flows to the United States from the Middle East, claiming that the refugee process poses a major threat to America’s security. Here are six reasons why ending U.S. refugee resettlement is a senseless and reactionary approach:

1. The Paris attackers were not refugees: Assuming that the user of a fake Syrian passport found near the body of an attacker belonged to the attacker, which isn’t clear, he exploited the flow of people into Europe, but he was not a refugee. He did not receive refugee designation from the United Nations or vetting from intelligence agencies. He was never approved for refugee status in any country. To become a refugee in the United States, you undergo a multi-stage vetting process and only after receiving U.N. designation by trained officers in the field. The U.S. can vet refugees prior to admission, which means we can weed out terrorists and those most likely to become involved in terrorism, accepting only the most vulnerable. Europe cannot do the same. What happened in Paris is not applicable to the U.S. refugee process.

2. U.S. refugees don’t become terrorists: The history of the U.S. refugee program demonstrates that the lengthy and extensive vetting that all refugees must undergo is an effective deterrent for terrorists. Since 1980, the U.S. has invited in millions of refugees, including hundreds of thousands from the Middle East. Not one has committed an act of terrorism in the U.S. Traditional law enforcement and security screening processes have a proven record of handling the threat from terrorist posing as refugees.

3. Other migration channels are easier to exploit than the U.S. refugee process: The previous point can also be made another way. Non-refugees have carried out all terrorist attacks over the past 35 years. That means they used other means to arrive in the U.S. All of the 9/11 hijackers used student or tourist visas. These visas are much easier and faster to obtain than refugee status, which takes up to two years and requires a multi-stage vetting process and U.N. referral. Refugee status is the single most difficult way to come to the U.S. It makes no sense for a terrorist to try to use the resettlement process for an attack.

4. ISIS sees Syrian refugees as traitors: According to ISIS, Syrian Muslim refugees are traitors to the radical Islamic cause. “It is correct for Muslims to leave the lands of the infidel for the lands of Islam, but not vice versa,” one ISIS video said in September. Here are several other examples of similar condemnation from this year. Nearly 90 percent of displaced Syrians in Turkey have no sympathy for ISIS at all, even though ISIS is fighting the person, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, who most refugees see as their main enemy. Kurdish and Christian refugees see ISIS as their main foe. Some have speculated that the attacker in Paris intentionally left the fake Syrian passport near his body to help turn the West against Syrian refugees. Turning away Syrian refugees plays into ISIS’s hands.

5. Turning away allies will make us less safe: Callous disregard for the fate of refugees—our potential allies in the war against ISIS—will drive them back into the hands of the person they are fleeing: Bashar al-Assad, the hated Syrian dictator. This will lead some refugees to see ISIS as their only remaining ally and safeguard against Assad. The evidence in the academic literature is that keeping refugees penned-up in camps near the zone of conflict increases terrorism in those areas, but resettling them outside of those areas does not. During the Cold War, we used refugee resettlement to gain foreign policy assets, spies, allies, and spokesmen to refute the enemy’s propaganda. In the fight against ISIS, allies gained from aiding refugees will be as important as any weapon we have.

6. America should demonstrate moral courage: During World War II, the U.S. turned away Jews due to security concerns. We sent shiploads back to the camps because we were scared that Nazi spies could hide in their midst (which was not an entirely unfounded concern). The lesson of the Holocaust, as I noted here, is that we must deal with threats without rejecting our ethical obligations. We must not send those fleeing persecution back to their persecutors. The definition of moral courage is to resist allowing fear to overwhelm our humanity."

I honestly can't be the only one who is seeing the obvious; that what we are doing is exactly what ISIS wants us to do. The GOP field saying we should take the fight to ISIS as this is a war against radical Islam and this is a clash of civilizations, and now France bombing the hell out of Raqqa and likely to put boots on the ground. (Which, for the record, I support, but they need to be careful on not killing civilians). 

ISIS wants the GOP field to say those things, as it equates ISIS with Islam itself, therefore marginalizing and stigmatizing the 95% of Muslims that aren't radicals. ISIS wants the west to invade Iraq and Syria, as it will definitely cause more civilian casualties and create more propaganda for the state. No matter how the west decides on the proper course of actions, we have already let ISIS won by making this a clash of civilizations and blaming Islam, even though everyone with an understanding of the middle East knows that ISIS attacked precisely because of western presence in Iraq and Syria: It's a catch-22. 

And let's not forget that unintentional blow back that will come from this: Increased security and spying on the average citizen, the continual loss of our right to privacy in an effort to track down potential terrorists and catch them before they make their move. Even though this sort of shit has never actually worked. 

And finally, what really bugs me is that in all this hubbub of the West going to attack ISIS on their doorsteps, they aren't even bothering to hold the gulf states accountable: After all, part of the reason groups like ISIS and Hezzbollah thrive is because of continuing financial support from states like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain for ISIS, and Iran for Hezzbollah. Unless we convince the people of these states to stop financially backing these groups for their own proxy battles, these groups will never go away.…………
Yes, believe it or not, Christians are capable of extreme acts of violence in accordance with their faith ;) In this case, we got college roommates, in which one (a devout christian) beheads his roommate with a sword because he thought the roommate is conducting witchcraft. 

A deeply Christian college student in Oklahoma allegedly nearly decapitated the son of a state trooper with a sword because the victim practiced witchcraft, police say.
Isaiah Marin of Stillwater was charged Thursday with first-degree murder in the attack that killed 19-year-old Jacob Andrew Crockett a day earlier.
The two had been playing cards with a third pal, Marin's brother, when Marin removed the 'large black sword' from its sheath and began swinging it around, court records obtained by Mail Online show.
Devout Christian Isaiah Marin , 21, allegedly hacked 19-year-old Jacob Crockett (right) with a sword because of the victim's interest in witchcraft
Crockett, the son of an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, suffered several stab wounds and had his head 'mostly severed' from his body
'I would never cut you, bro,' Marin assured his brother when asked to be careful.
Moments later, the brother told police, he heard 'the sound of someone getting stabbed.'
He looked up and saw blood gushing out of Crockett's chest.
Crockett, the son of an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, suffered several stab wounds and had his head 'mostly severed' from his body. Cops found him lying in a pool of blood.
Marin ran from the scene, sword in hands, and called police from a restaurant parking lot.
'I murdered someone,' he told the dispatcher, according to court records. 'I hacked them to death with a machete.…

Well since there seems to be a lot of bullshit flying around the forums thanks to some certain xenophobic twats (I won't give names here =P ) I figured it's time to give some factual evidence.

Myth #1: Most of the refugees are young healthy males.

I honestly don't know why this is a talking point, considering that, A) why does the gender matter since they are fleeing from a brutal war, and B) why does the fact they are healthy matter as their two main options to fight for, Assad and ISIS, are pretty damn shitty choices. But GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson made the claim:

Carson, Sept. 14: I believe we should encourage the various countries in that region, you know, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula, to take those refugees in. And we should be willing to perhaps help them financially and with some expertise. But the fact of the matter is, we don’t know who those people are. And the majority of them are young males. And they could easily be people who are being infiltrated by terrorists and recognize that once you bring them in, then you have got to bring other members of the family in.
So you’re multiplying that number substantially. We need — this is not something that we can necessarily afford to do in terms of exposing our population to that kind of risk right now.

Of course, while he is entitled to his opinions, it runs counter to the facts presented by the best data available on the Syrian refugees’ demographics. On

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees — which refers refugees for resettlement in other countries — says there are more than 4 million registered Syrian refugees. Its figures on the demographic makeup of refugees is based on available data on the 2.1 million who were registered by the UNHCR in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. (Another 1.9 million Syrian refugees were registered by the Government of Turkey, and more than 24,000 were registered in North Africa.)
UNHCR’s data show that 50.5 percent of refugees are women. Females age 18 to 59 make up 23.9 percent of the refugees, while males in that age group make up 21.8 percent.
Even younger males — age 12 to 17 — represent 6.5 percent of refugees, while females that age are 6.1 percent. The majority of refugees — 51.1 percent — are under age 17, including 38.5 percent who are younger than 12 years old. These numbers were as of Sept. 6.

So the idea that an overwhelming majority of these refugees are young healthy males who should have stayed to fight Assad and ISIS is quite frankly that, just an idea.

Myth #2: Most of the refugees are entering Europe, that it can't handle the amount of them.

Myth #3: no Muslim country is taking them in.

Pretty good talking point. But not true. And both of these myths can be debunked by this chart that Vox did based on data from UNHCR and the World Bank:Vox Chart on Refugees

Give credit where credit is due, the third myth is partially right: All of the Arab gulf states (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia) have taken in zero refugee's, despite being some of the richest nations on earth because of their oil wealth. But the idea that ALL of the muslim countries are doing this is false, as we can see that Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon are taking an overwhelming amount of the refugee's compared to the western world. And they are woefully incapable of doing that:

But showing refugees per capita helps demonstrate the size of the refugee burden that various countries are carrying — and for all the panicking in Western countries, they're actually carrying a very tiny refugee burden compared with Middle Eastern countries.
Nearly one out of 10 people in Jordan are refugees; the figure is nearly one out of four in Lebanon. These aren't all Syrians, but a significant percentage of them are; Lebanon had an unusual open borders policy for Syrians until January 2015.
While immigration is generally great for a country's economy in the long run, taking in truly massive numbers of refugees can be quite taxing, especially for a small, poorer country such as Lebanon. Here's how a 2013 World Bank review, based on a study of the Syrian war's effect on the Lebanese economy, describes the situation: 

Electricity supplies average 18 hours per day, and much less in rural regions. Public water services are limited to three days per week at best. Overcrowded public schools and insufficient capacity at government clinics and hospitals that cater for the lower-income population, especially in rural areas, have been the subject of news stories and civil society activism for nearly a decade. The flow of refugees is stretching all of these sectors to the limit.

Europe, the US, Canada, and other western nations can easily handle these refugee's, and they might actually be economically beneficial to accept as many as they can reasonably can. Again on another Vox article:

Well, flying people in and giving them basic resettlement support would cost money. Not a lot of money, but some. But over time, it would quite possibly pay for itself. It's uncontroversial among economists that immigration generates economic growth, and even the most immigration-skeptical economists concede that some of those gains go to native-born workers, not just migrants.
High-quality studies that use "natural experiments" — cases where there was a big, unexpected spike in immigration — suggest that the absolute effect of immigration on native workers is neutral or positive. It's much easier to isolate the effect on native workers in those cases than it is by trying to statistically weed out other potential causes of changes in wages. The Mariel boatlift, when Cuba unexpectedly sent 125,000 people to Florida, did not hurt employment or wages among native workers in Miami at all. Ahuge spike in Russian immigration to Israel in the early 1990s appeared to give existing workers a nearly 9 percent raise.
And the positive economic effects of immigration extend beyond just wages. Increased immigration reduces the price of services provided by immigrants, such as gardening and housekeeping. There's some evidence that immigration even gets more women into the workforce by making it cheaper to hire people to watch after children and elderly relatives, and perform other homemaking tasks.
As economist Michael Clemens once told me, the effect of immigration on real wages for native workers is "definitely positive, without any doubt whatsoever." A recentevidence review by researcher David Roodman confirms this: While low-skilled immigration can make the existing low-skilled immigrant population worse off (though almost certainly not worse off than in their country of origin), Americans born here have very little to worry about, and a lot to gain.

But unfortunately, as it is clearly evident, humanity doesn't really see the economic benefits of open borders, as much as they see a fear of change. A lot of this right-wing populism anti-immigration rise stems from the fact that a lot of people in the Western World can't accept the changing demographics, and are actively fighting to keep the cultural status quo. To use another Vox article:

Here in the United States, for instance, studies have found that when Americans are shown headlines about the country becoming a majority-minority nation, that makes them more conservative on a host of issues, including those not related to migration. That has fueled Donald Trump's dizzying rise in popularity this year: As Dara Lind writes, the appeal of his anti-immigrant demagoguery is at root not about jobs or economics, but about fear.
One study found that white Americans are far more comfortable with the idea of immigrants who are like them — for instance, those who are white or Christian, or who come from a European country that feels culturally similar to the US — than with those who do not share their religion, ethnic origin, or cultural background.
In Europe, similar insecurities have driven the rise of anti-immigrant parties and policies. In the UK, where a recent poll found that an astonishing 67 percent of people thought the government should deploy the army to keep immigrants from crossing into the UK through the Channel Tunnel, the polling outfit YouGov concluded recently that "when we think of immigration as an issue, we link it to government failure, economic insecurity and Britain’s decline from greatness." UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond claimed in August that migrants from Africa were a threat to Europe's "standard of living and social infrastructure."
On Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban defended his government's harsh treatment of refugees by explicitly calling them a threat to Europe's Christian identity. "We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim," he said. "Or is it not worrying that Europe’s Christian culture is already barely able to maintain its own set of Christian values?"

It is pretty damn frustrating that we are in the midst of a huge crisis, and all we are doing is telling the people who just want to survive to fuck off.


Stephanie Burns came up with the idea for Chic CEO, a free online platform for female entrepreneurs, in 2008, when she was getting her MBA. Many of her friends had lost jobs in the recession and were asking her for tips on how to start their own businesses. After hosting about 15 friends at her San Diego home to exchange advice, Burns realized there was a market for offering entrepreneurial guidance to women. A year later, she launched her company.
Up until 2014, the focus of her work involved providing practical business advice to women in the form of free, easy-to-follow online materials. Every so often, Burns also organized networking events for women at which attendees could sip cocktails and chat about work. It was to one of these gatherings, held at an Italian restaurant last April in downtown San Diego, that two men showed up.
Rava has represented clients in lawsuits against MLB teams for handing out free goodies such as hats and tote bags only to women on Mother’s Day.
What happened next would be the fuel for lawsuits against her, her company, the company that her business partner’s husband owned and the restaurant. It would ultimately lead to the demise of Burns’ company, and still threatens to derail the women-in-tech events that have begun popping up in Silicon Valley.
Two men named Allan Candelore and Rich Allison, who had each prepaid a $20 registration fee on the Chic CEO website, tried to enter the restaurant. According to a legal complaint that they later filed with National Coalition for Men president Harry Crouch, Burns turned them away at the door, saying the event “was only open to women.” They took a photo, left the premises, then promptly initiated legal action, turning to a 1959 California law originally written to prevent discrimination against minorities and women.
Burns first learned about the suit against Chic CEO as she was taping a webcast episode with a male friend called “Why Men Are So Important to Female Entrepreneurship.” She glanced at her phone and saw a text from her colleague’s husband, who had just been served legal papers because his company promoted a mixer she’d hosted. Burns was devastated.
“That was the most ironic moment of my life,” she told Yahoo News. “I was just explaining how it’s important that men are on our side.”
Burns had even consulted with a lawyer before holding the event and was assured that everything was above board. Her company had male clients, subscribers, mentors and advisory board members.
“I was completely confused,” she said. “Chic CEO does not discriminate against men.”
There's more of it in the link, I only posted the first section. 

It is pretty damn infuriating that this is happening, and using a law that is designed to protect women and minorities to go after women is nothing short of ironic. What really bothers me though is the fact that these two are not only going after Ms Burns and her business, but they are also suing the business partner's husbands company, and the restaurant, parties that have the bare minimum involvement. 


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Max Longear and Storage Building # 52 by hooded-wanderer

And yes; I can also do kid-friendly stories. Most of my writing material is essentially related to the furry fandom and other fandoms, but I would love to make visual stories as I feel that some ideas I have are better told through comics/manga then in words. 


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